As a partner to rubber product manufacturers around the world

Our ceramic formers are used in the product manufacturing processes of rubber product manufacturers in 27 countries around the world.

Excellent ceramic former technology always exists at the foundation of excellent manufacturing.

With our creed "Our products are our ambassadors," we operate manufacturing factories at three bases, Yokkaichi, Malaysia, and Shanghai in China. We handle approximately 2,500 types of ceramic glove formers.

All our products are made to order to meet the needs of our customers.
Our manufacturing process ranges from the development of raw materials to mass production. Our technology, cultivated over many years, is widely supported by our overseas customers.


Shinko's history began with the production of ceramic products, a local industry in Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture. We have inherited and developed that expertise and traditional techniques to the present day.

The current company name is derived from the Chinese character 真弘 meaning "spread sincerity," which has been passed down since the company's founding.
It shows our willingness to be sincere in all matters..

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Features of our company

Since its founding, Shinko Ceramics Co., Ltd. has been highly acclaimed for providing products that meet the needs of the market.
Currently, we manufacture approximately 2,500 types of ceramic formers, such as glove formers and balloon formers (usually referred to as molds) for inspections, surgery, industrial use, households, and sterile roomss.  
Utilizing our creativity and design, we strive with our formers to solve problems, as much as possible, that may occur in our customers’ manufacturing processes.
In addition, we have developed our own raw materials to increase physical and thermal shock strength, which is an essential requirement of formers, to prevent corrosion and water absorption.
As a manufacturer of ceramic formers that shape gloves, we strive to satisfy our customers and users of the gloves by designing shapes that are comfortable to wear and easy to dip.

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