Glove formers

Our main products are ceramic formers for examination gloves, medical gloves, household gloves, and industrial gloves. However, we are also focusing on developing and manufacturing special glove formers (dry box glove formers, insulated glove formers, etc.).
Our gloves are made of materials such as vinyl chloride, natural rubber, polyurethane, synthetic rubber, and silicone. However, each material has a different shrinkage rate and hardness. Therefore, we use our unique processing technology to meet the needs of our customers and provide ceramic glove formers for each product.

Examination Glove Former

Surgical Glove Former

Industrial Glove Former

Household Glove Former

Balloon former

Other product formers

We provide ceramic formers to rubber glove manufacturers in 27 countries around the world. We are also applying our technology to other industrial products.
There are 2,500 prototypes of ceramic formers, commonly known as molds, and we manufacture formers in a wide variety of sizes. They range from formers for small parts to formers as large as 1,000 mm.
Dog boot former, shoe cover former, finger cot former, breathing bag former, etc.

Formers for research and experiments

We manufacture test plates, test bars, and test glove formers that are used for research and experiments.

test bar

No. Size
1373 Φ50mm x 150mm

test plate

No. Size
102 80mm x 200mm x 5mm
103 70mm x 120mm x 5mm
104 50mm x 100mm x 3mm

Surface treatment type (single side only)
- Unglazed (no surface treatment)
- Sand Blasted
- Spray
- Glazed

Surface treatment sample

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