When we receive a request for Ceramics former production from a customer, we will first make a prototype.
Based on the prototype of the Ceramics Former we ask the customer to make a prototype of the product and check the Former.

1. Request for prototype

2. Master mold creation

3. Prototype creation

Clay mixing/aging

Mix and mature the soil

Pouring of raw materials

Pour the raw material into the plaster mold



First firing

Firing around 1472°F

Unglazed inspection

Main firing 

Main firing around 2372℉


Perform final inspection


Pack and ship to manufacturer

4. (Manufacturer) Prototype of glove product

Please make a prototype of the product using the prototype of the ceramics former and verify it.
If you have any problems, please contact us.
We will work with manufacturers to help create better products.

Please contact us by phone