Q1. Can you produce formers for products other than gloves?

In addition to glove formers, we also produce ceramic formers.
Customers use our products as dipping formers for manufacturing rubber products, such as shoes, finger cots, and balloons. We also manufacture ornaments and other items.

Q2. What are the advantages of a ceramic "former" compared to a metal "mold"?

Ceramic formers are more resistant to chemical corrosion than metal molds.
Smooth or rough surface can be achieved by processes added on the former surface. Also, there will be less burden on the production equipment compared to metal formers, as ceramic is lighter in weight.

Q3. What information should we provide when discussing an order?

If you want to manufacture a rubber product by dipping forming, please tell us the purpose, size, and characteristics of the dipping solvent, etc. of your final product.

Q4. Can you accept small manufacturing orders?

Yes, we can accept orders for small quantities.

Q5. How long does delivery take?

If you have the data of the shape you want to make, the sample product will be completed in 1 to 2 months.

Q6. Can you send us the finished product?

Yes, international shipping is available. Please contact us for more information.

Q7. Why did you choose to make formers with ceramic as an alternative material to conventional molds?

Ceramic formers are more resistant to chemicals and corrosion than metal molds.

Q8. Please tell me how to increase the anti-slip effect of rubber products?

In order to increase the anti-slip effect, adding a fine engraving pattern increases the grip, and ceramics can maintain the integrity of the engraved patterns.

Q9. What are some ways to maintain the uniformity of the film thickness of rubber products?

Fine irregularities on the ceramic surface can be treated to achieve a uniform solvent film.

Q10. What size of formers can you manufacture?

We can manufacture formers ranging from tens of millimeters for rubber products for automotive parts to glove formers 1,300 mm long.

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